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In Malawi there are no incapacity benefits, no family credit, no sick leave, no critical illness cover, no money to fund basic or specialised healthcare.  So how would Mangani, Ellen, Grisella and Loveness get the prosthetic limbs they desperately needed?

This is how Positive Steps started.  An initial fundraising campaign to help four young Malawians has blossomed into a totally focused charity run by dedicated, unsalaried professionals and supported by compassionate people who believe in making every penny they donate count.  Positive Steps is a UK based charity established in 2011.  To date we have raised over £30,000 towards providing medical/health care, travel aid for patients who require specialist care and indirectly supporting healthcare training.


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Ongoing work - Daniel Chimutu

In 2017 Daniel graduated as a Medical Doctor. Daniel says "After school I am planning to go back and help my community (Nkhoma, Malawi) since the number of Malawian doctors are very few.  During my pre-medical training school training Positive Steps assisted me with funds to cover extra lessons.  It was really tough but they came to my rescue". The photo shows Daniel about to start skin graft surgery. Read more about Daniel's progress and other individuals assisted by on our blog.  Daniel now acts as the 'in-Country' adviser for Positive Steps.


Collaborative Working

This is Wase Munthali, a prosthetist employed by another charity - 500 Miles. Positive Steps is funding the transport costs for Wase to run a fortnightly clinic on the burns unit at Nkhoma Hospital.  Here Wase is helping Grace (4) who requires a neck collar and bilateral elbow splints to prevent further shortening and hardening of limbs casued by serious burns. Read more about the medical care financed by Positive Steps on our blog.