About Positive Steps

Positive Steps was an idea founded by Jane Cherry after spending 18 months in Malawi as a Nurse Tutor in 2007/08, with Volunteer Services Overseas (VSO) supported by the Department of International Development (DFID). 

Positive Steps is a charity dedicated to providing medical/health care assistance to people in Nkhoma and the surrounding area in Malawi, Africa.  The assistance is provided directly through financial support for specific medical care and travel to territory centres, and indirectly through support with training of health care professionals and provision of resources where needed. 

Our Vision...


The Positive Steps health care assistance fund for Malawi will enable imporvement to the lives of the people of Nkhoma and the central area of Malawi through the provision of health care, by connecting with other Government and Non-Government Organisations (NGOs) to:

  • Bridge gaps in health care;
  • Allow access to health care, education or trained health care professionals;
  • Provide resources to allow self development and sustained improvement.



To do this...


  • We will be open and honest with the way that we use people's donations, targeting those identified as most in need and supporting them where necessary, through ongoing programmes of care;
  • We will work with integrity ensuring that every penny donated counts and can make a difference;
  • We will be accountable to others by providing transparent plans, based on sound business processes tat are auditable and open to the scrutiny of others when required; and focused on delivering tangible outcomes for individuals.


The Legal Stuff

The charity was formed with six official trustees and many many volunteers, friends and helpers.

In 2015 Positive Steps became a Registered Charity through the Charity Commission - 1159715 We are also registered with HMRC (XT29717)  to enable the charity to claim Gift Aid which makes qualifiying donations worth 25% more to us.


Trustees from left to right: Clare Anderson, Genevieve Hakimzadeh, Jane Cherry, Pat Oakley, Sarah O'Connor, Rosy Taylor